Wanted Varraja Gujarati Natak

Review: Wanted Varraja is a social rated gujarati natak. The story revolves around the Gujarati Patel girl Riddhi (Riddhi Dave) from Nadiad and a Ahmadabad boy who is settled in Sydney named Rahul (Rahul Antani). The Patel family wants to marry their daughter to NRI boy.

In the first meeting itself they both fall in love with each other and decides to marry with their parents blessings. The boy’s family is attracted to the girl as she is too rich as per their thinking and they are only interested in her money and decides to leave the town before getting their son married as soon as they get all the money and jewellers as the marriage girl. Rahul is not happy with this as he truely loves Riddhi and he doesn’t want to cheat any girl for money.

On the other side, Riddhi, his father and the grandfather too are planning the same thing. Even they want to disappear without their daughter getting married after getting all money and marriage gifts for Riddhi. Rahul comes to know about Riddhi and her families plan. Rahul makes his own plan and keeps getting everyone involved in the same. Will Riddhi understand Rahul’s love for her?? Will they marry each other with their parents blessings or they will marry for money??

The story is about an ongoing social issue which is widely spread in our society ,about getting their daughters married to an NRI guy so that they can boast off that my daughter is married to an NRI boy and now she is settled in a foreign country.Wanted Varraja is one such Gujarati natak.

It is a sarcastic comedy which takes place around all of us as well, we need to be extra smart and alert.

Cast: Riddhi Dave, Rahul Antani, Pinki Jain, Sachi Joshi, Sharad Sharma, Dilip Darbar

Director: Rahul Antani

Writer: Iqbal Munshi

Wanted Varraja Gujarati Natak

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