Veer Mangda Walo Gujarati Movie

Cast: Jay Kumar, Tejal Parikh, Harish, Murli Patel, Savan Raj, Sobha Patil, Bipin Trivedi, Prakash Vedh, Vasant Soni, Pragnya Joshi, Paresh, Kanti Patel , Bharat Vyas

Directed by: Niranjan Sharma

Produced by: Jay ram Mulchandani

Sypnosis :  Veer Manda Walo is a folk tale set in the middle ages and is about the romance between Mangda and Padmavati.

Veer Mangda has only one thing in mind and that is to avenge the death of his father Jethawala at the hands of the evil dacoit Baayal. He does so by fighting against Baayal and killing him. Due to the injuries suffered in the battle Mangda dies too. After some days Mangda returns as a spirit for Padmavatis love. What will happen next. Watch this unusual love story between a ghost and a human being.

Veer Mangda Walo Gujarati Movie