Var Maro Lagne Lagne Kunwaro Gujarati Natak

Review: Var Maro Lagne Lagne Kunwaro is a superhit comedy Gujarati Natak featuring comedy queen Pratima T also known as Lady Amitabh in the Gujarati Natak World. The story of the natak is full of comedy with lots of twists and turns which will keep you fixed until the end.

The intimate roller-coaster ride starts with the marriage of a stylish and smart and and a very simple village woman. After their wedding, to start their new life together they plan and they move to the city. The husband is so heartless as his aim is to acquire high social status from the upper class people. To achieve this he starts to have drink and dinner with the good hi-fi people of the upper class. The wife is very modest and humble but instead of asking her to accompany him, he feels ashamed of her simplicity and her inability ti read or write, he downgrades her to the regular day-to-day house hold activities.

Because of all this their relationship starts to worsen day by day and wife is very much concerned and she wants to gain attention from her husband. She tries to please him and make him happy by all the possible ways she can what nothing works and what she get is DISAPPOINTMENT.

Soon the wife comes to know that her husband is having an affair with someone and he is soon planning to leave her and he is going to take everything with him, leaving nothing behind for his wife. The wife decides and makes a plan by her wise thinking and comedy to attract his husband back in her life. Now to know what plan she makes and how she gets success in getting her husband back is a super duper comedy ride. Don’t miss to watch.

Cast: Jitu Kotak, Smita Palande, Mitul Gupte, Deepna Patel, Bhavita Sanghvi, Chintan Mehta, Pratima T
Director: Pratima T
Writer: Pratima T

Var Maro Lagne Lagne Kunwaro Gujarati Natak

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