Vaara Pachhi Varo Tara Pachhi Maro Gujarati Natak

Review: Vaara Pachhi Varo Tara Pachhi Maro is an adult rated gujarati natak. Ajay Parekh plays the role of Tiku, who has promiscuous tendencies. But he needs to control his basic instincts until he turns 32 in order to become heir to property left by his mother which is over 50 crore rupees.

Sounds exciting? But wait, there is more… Tiku has an aunt (maasi) who is also interested in the property. Hence, she plays tricks on Tiku in order to get him loose his virginity before he turns 32, so that according to the will, Tiku becomes ineligible to become a heir to the property. She gets Tiku involved with beautiful women so that it becomes hard for Tiku to control his promiscuous tendencies. When Tiku is about to turn 32, he gets involved with a nurse named Maya and thus puts his chances of becoming a heir at risk. They both spend night together but Maya claims that nothing has transpired between them. Whilst Tiku is with Maya at his house, lawyer Rangeeldas gets his secretary Roma to investigate whether Tiku is still celebate.

Tiku finds it hard to believe what Maya claims was a night without any romantic adventures. He gets a phone call from his aunt on his birthday and starts doubting Maya. He thinks Maya was sent by his aunt to seduce him so that he looses his virginity before he turns 32 and thus cannot claim inheritance to the property left by his mother.

If lawyer Rangeeldas is convinced that Tiku is no longer a virgin, then he will disqualify Tiku & thus prevent him from inheriting the property for which he has persevered so hard. Tiku is at his wit’s end and seeks Maya’s help to prove his celebacy.

Will Tiku be able to convince lawyer Rangeeldas of his celebacy and thus become heir to the property he has waited for so long? To find out, watch this insanely funny gujarati natakVaara Pachhi Varo Tara Pachhi Maro.

Note: This gujarati natak has an adults only rating. So if you are looking for some fun and double meaning gujarati comedy natak, then Vaara Pachhi Varo Tara Pachhi Maro is a must watch.

Cast: Ajay Parekh, Keyuri Shah, Piyush Adhiya, Shekhar Joshi, Sneha Daptari, Nidhi Parekh, Chintan Mehta, Mamta Shah
Writer: Rajendra Shukla
Director : Kaushal Shah

Vaara Pachhi Varo Tara Pachhi Maro Gujarati Natak

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