Tu Rashmikant Toh Hu Rajanikant Gujarati Natak

Synopsis: Believe it or not, truth can be stranger than fiction. The critically acclaimed drama is based on true incident that took place in 1983. Divorcee Vedita gets to know Rashmikant through a marriage bureau. Before they can tie a knot, Vedita gets pregnant with Rashmikant’s child.

After she becomes mom, she learns how bitter and bizarre reality can get. Only some superhero can rescue her and her child from untoward circumstances. Hilarious dialogues add different flavor to this story of betrayal and conspiracy. When well ideated script and excellent direction get complemented by brilliant performances, something as spectacular as Tu Rashimkant Toh Hu Rajnikant comes into being.

Director: Dharmesh Vyas
Writer : Dharmesh Vyas
Producer : Chetan Gandhi, Chitrak Shah, Kiran Malvankar
Cast : Dharmesh Vyas, Jaydeep Shah, Jyuthika Shah, Rakesh Solanki , Chitrak Shah, Jyuthika Shah, Neha Padai, Kiran Tushar Salve, Megha Joshi

Tu Rashmikant Toh Hu Rajanikant Gujarati Natak

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