Truth And Dare Gujarati Natak

Truth And Dare Gujarati Natak
Truth And Dare Gujarati Natak

Synopsis: Five college friends fit into five different stereotypes but are extremely close; Shahid- the dude, Samir- the fattu, Esha – the smart one, Freny- the dumbo and Kalpesh- the studious geek. However, due to a misunderstanding, they break apart. After their final exams on the recommendation of Shahid’s friend Manish, they go camping to a forested area.

It is here, when they are forced to spend the whole night together for this activity, that they come across a host of situations in which they are compelled to confront the truth they never wanted to, and to face the darkest of their fears. This leads to some funny, some not so funny, and some touching revelations.

Do these revelations cause friction amongst the friends or do they bring them even closer?

Cast : Pratik Kothari, Paresh Babaria, Mihir Shukla, Freny Shah, Janki Vaidya, Sanjeet Dhuri, Mitali Goradia, Sonal Pandey, Deepak Kukreja, Kiran Jadhav, Krishna Kedar, Prashant Shah, Suyash, Hardik Sampat

Writer : Hussaini Dawawala

Director : Hussaini Dawawala

Truth And Dare Gujarati Natak


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