Tran Gujarati Gujarati Natak

Tran Gujarati Gujarati Natak
Tran Gujarati Gujarati Natak

Synopsis: Vikalp presents a unique theatre event for Mumbai’s Gujarati theatergoers. Three of the city’s playwrights, Uttam Gada, Mihir Bhuta and Naushil Mehta come together and direct their own plays in a comic triptych, TRAN GUJARATI.

This is an evening of three comic one-act plays, all set in a restaurant. The plays are connected by not just the local, but also by the pithy observations of the Waiter-Narrator played by Chirag Vora.

Uttam Gada writes and directs the first piece, RANGO, which portrays the dilemmas of a young couple in their early twenties, played by Amit Mistry and Sneha Desai, on the verge of making a life-time commitment to each other.

Mihir Bhuta writes and directs EKANKI NO BEEJO ANK, which takes a loving look at the comic aspects of a couple in their late thirties, played by Madhvi Bhuta and Sanjay Bhatia, on the verge of divorce.

Naushil Mehta writes and directs LEELA, a play about two friends in their seventies, played by Manoj Joshi and Utkarsh Mazumdar.All three plays promise to entertain and make people Laugh. So if you are a gujarati drama buff, dont miss this play for anything!

Writer : Uttam Gada, Mihir Bhuta, Naushill Mehta

Director : Uttam Gada, Mihir Bhuta, Naushill Mehta

Tran Gujarati Gujarati Natak


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  • June 14, 2017 at 11:16 pm

    Acting maa bhagleva mate kya malvu koi pan Sara family natak ma kaam karva


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