Tare Man Hu Mare Man Tu Gujarati Natak

Tare Man Hu Mare Man Tu Gujarati Natak
Tare Man Hu Mare Man Tu Gujarati Natak

Synopsis: Produced by Kiran Bhatt, Rajesh Joshi and Pranav Tripathi, this play revolves around the Shah family. Two of its central characters are Dulabhdas Shah (Hemant Jha) an ad agency owner and Vandana (Meghna) who despite having studied art is a housewife by choice.

The two are a happily married couple for thirty-two years when the play opens. The only trouble that they seem to experience time and again is a conflict with their son’s way of life and thinking. As a result, the son, Pratik (Nitin Vakharia), with his wife Sargam (Sujata Mehta) chooses to live away from his parents.

The physical distance however does not prevent Vandana and Sargam to continue their mother-in-law-daughter-in-law relationship discreetly. Things take a turn when Vandana collapses due to a depression attack and when her hand gets fractured in the process. Sargam then decides to return home with her husband Pratik. Dulabhdas permits them to stay with them for a month. Sargam then encourages Vandana to revive her love for painting and helps her attain success in her field. But there is more to come as roles of dutiful wife shift to that of a career woman.

The play is posed as a social drama with a message.

Cast: Hemant Jha, Meghna, Sujata Mehta, Nitin Vakharia

Writer : Sanjay V Shah

Director : Tushar joshi

Tare Man Hu Mare Man Tu Gujarati Natak


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  • October 18, 2012 at 8:21 pm

    muje natak dekhna bahut pasand he ?


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