Tamne Maline Anand Thayo Gujarati Natak

Tamne Maline Anand Thayo Gujarati Natak
Tamne Maline Anand Thayo Gujarati Natak

Synopsis: This is an intelligent comedy with elements from the thriller. The story revolves around the Raichura household. Pratap Raichura (Naresh Shah) is a reputed industrialist happily married to Radhika (Amita Rajda), and they have two daughters, Jhanvi (Pranoti Pradhan), and Aishwaria (Khushboo Brahmbhatt). Elder daughter Jhanvi has a knack for rejecting all the prospective grooms who come to visit her. The reason being her deep attachement, and emotional bonding with her father. The parents are quite upset about it, as they want her to get married soon.

One fine day, to Jhanvi’s surprise, she discovers that younger sister Aishwaria is pregnant and wants to abort the child. She questions Aishwaria about the boy and Aishwaria discloses all the details. She advises Aishwaria to get married to the boy when she finds out that he is from a good family and loves Aishwaria.

She cooks up a story to convince her parents, and gives astrological reasons. Pratap refuses this marriage, stating that in a traditional Gujarati family, the younger daughter cannot get married while the elder is still a spinster. So Jhanvi cooks up one more story that she is seeing someone by the name Vishal Jobanputra, who is an NRI, and will eventually get married to him.

She gives a vivid description of Vishal and upon hearing the same, Pratap agrees to get Aishwaria married, but under one condition that Vishal will have to attend the wedding, and Jhanvi agrees and promises Pratap that Vishal will be there.

As the wedding day draws closer, Pratap asks Jhanvi about Vishal’s arrival, and Jhanvi makes a hoax call to Vishal and informs Pratap that Vishal is very busy with some urgent business meeting and therefore cannot attend the wedding. Pratap is furious and says this will be a big social taboo for the family, and just as he is about to cancel Aishwaria’s wedding, Vishal Jobanputra enters the house..

Who is Vishal? Where did he come from? And how did he come?..

Cast : Pranoti Pradhan, Amita Rajda, Rahul Antani, Pranav Tripathi, Lina, Khushboo, Palash, Pratik Shah ,Naresh, Kamlesh Oza

Writer : Rashmin Shah

Director : Vipul Vithalani

Tamne Maline Anand Thayo Gujarati Natak

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