Sakhna Rejo Raj – Gujarati Natak

Sakhna Rejo Raj – Gujarati Natak

Sakhna Rejo Raj - Gujarati Natak
Sakhna Rejo Raj – Gujarati Natak

Synopsis: Sandeep Ajmera who is the lone heir of the Ajmera Empire falls in love with an orphan girl Sulochna. They decide to get married but as Suclochna is an orphan and have spent all her life in orphanage she wants to marry a person who has a family whereas Sandeep doesn’t have any family of his own.

Sandeep’s manager hepls him to impress Suclocha with fake family. See how Sandeep’s manager Vasant arranges for a temporary family members to ensure that the wedding is done without any problem. The only problem is he gets beggars and pick pocketers to act as family members. Will they be able to play their parts without any goof ups. What will happen when Sulochna comes to know the truth?  To know more about the play watch this wonderful and interesting play.

Cast: Suresh Rajda, Anuraag Prapanna, Arvind Vekaria, Narendra Shah, Falguni Desai, Sheetal Rajda

Director: Suresh Rajda

Sakhna Rejo Raj – Gujarati Natak

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