Return Ticket Gujarati Natak

Return Ticket Gujarati Natak
Return Ticket Gujarati Natak

Synopsis: RETURN TICKET follows the hilarious journey of Prabhudas alias Das. Das suffers from a variety of phobias. But one day his worst fears come true. His wife hands him divorce papers, and he also loses his home and his job.

Cornered from all sides, he contacts a psychiatrist, Professor Pattewala for the solution to his problems and when the Professor does a past life therapy on Das, Das discovers that the roots of his problems are in his past life. He was the rich spoilt kid of a business man who made atrocious mistakes such as getting his sister married to the wrong man, and himself ditiching the girl who loved him because she stammered.

It seems now that his present life is overrun by the ghosts from his pasts who have taken on different forms. The girl for instance whom he ditched is now a dreaded, nonstop gangster! Funny incidents follow as Das tries to resolve the wrongdoings of his past life.

Cast : Arvind Vekaria, Jimit Trivedi, Nilesh Pandia, Parag Shah, Meghna Solanki

Writer : Niren Bhatt

Director : Jayesh Barbhaya

Return Ticket Gujarati Natak


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