Reshmi Tezab Gujarati Natak

Sypnosis: This is the story of Kaushik and Monika (Sharmili Raj). Though they are married there is a mammoth age gap between them. Kaushik is aged fifty while his wife Monika is just twenty eight.This age gap soon becomes the reason for a lot of marital differences. They have a neighbor, a smart and young professional photographer. This young photographer gets attracted to the beautiful Monika.

The affair reaches a stage where both of them make a plan to get rid of Kaushik. But their plan is known to someone other than themselves. Someone sinister, who dogs their every footstep, who seems to be bent upon foiling their plans to kill Kaushik. Watch this suspense thriller to know more.

Cast: Homi Wadia, Uatkarsh Majumdar, Jayesh Barbhaya, Sharmili Raj

Director: Homi Wadia

Producer: Dharmesh Mehta, Jitendra Joshi

Genre: Thriller

Reshmi Tezab Gujarati Natak