Preet Jhuke Nahi Saath Chhute Nahi Gujarati Movie

The story revolves around character named Jagdish and Gopi. Jagdish is a very funny boy and is the lead actor of the movie.  Jagdish’s character has been shown as a Gujarati Casanova – each and every girl is in love with him but he is deeply in love with a girl named Gopi.

The movie also features a character of an ultimate fighter named Veer Pratap singh and this character is played by Firoz Irani and somebody has done injustice to him and he is just waiting for the chance to take revenge for the injustice which has been done to him.

The character of Jagadish’s lover is played by the lead actress Gopi in the movie. Gopi is a daughter of Himatsingh.  But her father is not happy with the relationship of Jagadish and Gopi and tries all the tactics to keep these lovers apart. Jagadish and Veer Pratap singh get together and fights against Himmatsingh. Finally, at the end bad energy wins over the good energy and Jagdish gets his love Gopi back in his life.

Watch to know more about the movie as how Jagadish and Veer Pratapsing gets together and how they fight against Himmatsingh to take their personal revenge.

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