Pappa Avaj Hoy Chhe Gujarati Natak

Review: Pappa Avaj Hoy Chhe is a superhit emotional cum family Gujarati Natak. The play revolves around the character of (Dharmesh Vyas) Rajesh and his son Hitansh. It shows the strong bond between the father and the son. The play states the fact that although the father always fail to show his feelings but he is the one who goes to any extend to fulfil his children’s expectation and to see him/her happy in their life.

For a father, nothing is more important than his child’s happiness. An honest government employee Rajesh (Dharmesh Vyas) realizes his son Hitansh has his own aspiration… a dream that is too big to fit into his small pocket. He dares his son to perform an almost impossible task. If Hitansh succeeds, fulfilling his dream is going to be a big challenge for Rajesh. The drama with more than 300 shows worldwide explores the intricacies of emotional bond between father and son.

Hitansh, a only child of a government employee, dreams of pursuing his education in U.S, irrespective of knowing the fact that his father cannot fulfil his dreams. Father- Rajesh, challenges Hitansh where he knws that his son is never going to win, but in turn Hitansh leaves no stone unturned to win the challenge given by his father.

Along with fun the play becomes very emotional at the end of the story and shows the real feeling of the father which every child cannot see what their parents do for them, but they can only see and point out and compare when their father says no to something, without even realising what he has done for them. A very nice heart-touching, emotional play.

Cast: Dharmesh Vyas, Jyuthika Shah, Chitrak Shah, Kiran Malvankar, Sachin, Neha Pakai, Pratham Bhatt, Saunil Daru

Director: Dharmesh Vyas

Writer: Vinod Sarvaiya

Pappa Avaj Hoy Chhe Gujarati Natak

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