No Exit Gujarati Natak

Review: No Exit is a suspense cum comedy Gujarati Natak.  On the outskirts of Mumbai city, there is a house near Vasai creek which allows ENTRY only and there is NO scope of EXIT or escape from this house. One who gets to know the secrets of this house either stays inside forever or comes out dead.

An elderly couple – Bhagirath and Karuna (Santu Rajda) is living in Vasai suburb of Mumbai. Somehow, Raghuvanshi gets to know about future terrorist attacks in Mumbai and terrorists’ hideout. To share this information, he invites Mumbai’s Deputy Comissioner of Police Mr. Raghuvanshi at his home. The moment DCP steps inside the house, he realizes that he is trapped and there is no way out.

Few more people who enter the house thereafter are also unable to move out. This thrilling Natak is perfect fusion of Susepnse and Comedy and makes audience laugh during some of dreaded moments also.

Cast: Santu Rajda, Mayur Bhavsar, Meghna Solanki, Pratik Dave, Jaimin Dave, Saunil Daru, Dilip Darbar

Director: Suresh Rajda

Writer: Vipul Sharma

No Exit Gujarati Natak

2 thoughts on “No Exit Gujarati Natak

  • June 19, 2017 at 2:41 am

    how i will find name of comedy natak from only video clip or give me contact no.

  • June 19, 2017 at 2:46 am

    i like very very fine natak clip so give me name of natak
    1-man speak- morbi ni matha farel and rajkot ni rakhadu this world use in natak


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