Munga Bole Bahera Sambhale Gujarati Natak

Summary: Nain – a blind girl, is owner of the hotel. Her aunt and guardian Shiladevi, is conspiring to kill her. But the murder goes on as planned, but only the victim is Naina’s brother.

And Naina is the prime suspect. And the only people who seem to be able to help are her friends, Subash (dumb) and Shravan )deaf). And they have just two hours to prove Naina’s innocence.
Will they? Or …?!!

Cast: Hitesh Sampat, Hitesh Panchal, Suraj Vyas, Jitendra Sumra, Parag Shah, Pravin Patel, Vipul Vithalani, Manjushri Kulkarni, Purvi Bhatt

Genre: Comedy

Director: Ashish Bhatt

Producer: Yogesh Sanghavi

Munga Bole Bahera Sambhale Gujarati Natak