Motina Chowk Re Sapnama Dhetha Gujarati Movie

Motina Chowk Re Sapnama Dhetha Gujarati Movie


It is an emotional movie.

The story belong to a middle class family with parents and their 2 daughters. The father is handicapped and hence he is house bound and confined to bed and the mother is very spiritual and godly. Leena is their elder daughter and the name of the younger daughter is Surekha. Leena is a good singer as well.

Surekha is suffering from schizophrenia a mental disease and because of this Leena has to suffer and sacrifice every small things in her life every now and then. But Leena never complains about this but instead she does all this with a sweet smile on her face and with all her responsibility. She takes all the responsibilities of their house on her happily and willing.

Leena falls in love with a boy named Anupam. Anupam is not aware of Surekha’s mental illness and before Leena’s love blossoms, Anupam falls in love with her younger sister Surekha. Leena sacrifices her love to see her younger sister happy. Anupam and Surekha gets married and lives a very happy life. After some time, Surekha becomes pregnant and she gives birth to a beautiful baby girl.

Leena is so happy but suddenly and you can say it unfortunately Surekha comes to know that Leena loved Anupam and she sacrificed her love for the happiness of her. This makes her very upset. One fine day, Surekha leaves and house and goes away somewhere so that Leena can spend her life happily with her love Anupam. To watch the climax of the movie,  you need to watch it. 🙂

Cast: Hiten Kumar, Roma Manek, Aarti Patel, Mahesh Vaid, Jamini Trivedi, Feroz Irani, Jitendra Thakkar, Jayendra Mehta

Produce: Aarti Patel

Director: Sandeep Patel

Music: Dipesh Desai

Writer: Varsha Adalja

Release Year: 1999

Movie Time: 2: 38:36

Motina Chowk Re Sapnama Dhetha Gujarati Movie