Mena Gurjari Gujarati Movie

Overview:  This is a legendary story of a brave girl named Mena for the Gujarat State. The movie shows us the value of high moral standards and the bravery of a girl Mena who belongs to the land of Mahatma Gandhi, Gujarat.Mena is the daughter of Merubha. Merubha offered many prayers to Maa Kali to become a father and then finally he was gifted with a beautiful girl. From her early chilhood days Mena was blessed with the blessings of Mahi Kali Devi of Pavagadh.

As the Mena grew up from a child to a girl, she becomes a charming beauty. Mena was such a brave girl along with her beauty that no hurdles or difficulties can stop Mena from any thing. The life of a village chie’s daughter was saved by Mena when the village was attacked by the daicots. Mean fought with the dacoits with bravery and saved cheif’s daughter’s life. By seeing her bravery, the village chief was so happy and he wanted Mena to marry his stupid and courage lacking son, but mena refuses to marry such a boy. And thus, this becomes the cause for the village chief to get angry and he decides to punish Mena by taking a revenge for refusing to marry his son.

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Cast : Mallika Sarabhai, Rajiv, Champsinhbhai Nagda, Manjari Desai, Ramesh Mehta, Chandrakant Pandya, P. Kharsani, Indumati Rajda, Devyani, Arvind Pandya

Director: Dinesh Rawal

Producer: Poonambhai C Patel

Writer: Dinesh Rawal

Release Year: 1975

Movie Time: 2:09:19

Mena Gurjari Gujarati Movie

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