Marriage Fixing Gujarati Natak

Synopsis: Broken-hearted Saubhagyachandra hates ‘Love’ and ‘Lovers’. His dimwitted son Neeraj falls for beautiful Nirja. Considering his hatred, Nirja’s parents think of an alternative way to make him agree for duo’s mariage.

They get in touch with his family through matrimonial website. Though they manage to make him approve of this PRE-FIXED marriage initially, one moment makes him change his mind. Will Neeraj be able to tie knot with his love? Does he have any back up plan? Hysterically hilarious drama with lots of punches and PJs ‘Marriage Fixing’.

Producer: Chetan Gandhi, Chitrak Shah & Kiran Malvankar
Writer & Director: Suresh Rajda
Cast: Sheetal Rajda, Parth Desai, Natwar Bhawsar, Jaydeep Shah & Sanjeevani Ghazal Rai

Marriage Fixing Gujarati Natak

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