Mara Varni Vahu Kon Gujarati Natak

Summary :

Anandbhai’s brother Rakesh Gets married to Shilpa after 5 years of his first wife Anjana’s death in a plane crash. But Anjana returns back home on the day when Rakesh is married. The real drama comes when a khalifa sends a Belly Dancer as a gift to Anandbhai as he had saved his life in a military war before many years but is mistakenly gifted to Rakesh.

Now Rakesh is in trouble with Three wives. On the other hand Anandbhai’s sister Priti is believed to be pregnant before marrige through her boyfriend and they are in a hurry for a quick marrige. And the drama goes on with a lot of Adult comedy dialouges.

Cast : Mehul Buch, Samir Rajda, Priti Jain, Mallika, Sweta Jethva, Pinki Jain, Aastha, Mihir Rajda, Dushyant, Rajesh, Dilshah, Chhotu Dada, Arvind Vaidh

Writer : Mulraj Rajda

Director : Arvind Vaidh

Mara Varni Vahu Kon Gujarati Natak