Gujarati Natak Gujarati NatakSynopsis: The uneducated Maniben Patel lives in the affluent Pali hill area in Mumbai with her Husband Jaman Patel – a successful diamond merchant. Jaman taunts her for not being sophisticated and ridicules her for the blunders she makes in front of their neighbors.

Fun filled situations follow when Maniben makes multiple attempts to learn English, engages in fashion designing and also participates in the Mrs World competition. Soon thereafter comes a twist in the play when her husband threatens her of divorce and tells her that either she can be Mrs. World or Mrs. Jaman Patel….  In a nutshell, is a humorous journey of a down to earth woman who accepts a challenge and triumphs. What will happen next in the fun filled journey of the humble Maniben.

Cast : Ketki Dave, Dilip Darbar, jaideep Shah, Bijal Mehta, Devang Bhatt, Nitin Saudagar

Director : Imtiaz Patel

Writer : Imtiaz Patel Gujarati Natak

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