Mani Ben Nu Mahabharat Gujarati Natak

Review: Maniben Nu Mahabharat is a comedy cum social gujarati natak. It is a super hit comedy natak. The natak starts with Pratima dressed beautifully and waiting for his husband as its their wedding anniversary. The natak show nice funny comedy and fights between husband and wife.

They starts talking about their past life and discuss that her mother had promised Bimal to buy a car as their wedding gift but she didn’t give him.

So Pratima calls up her mother and cries and asks for a car and her mom agrees to gift them a brand new car. They start discussing about where to park a car and in the end Pratima slowly says that her mom is going to gift him a toy car. This is just an example.

The natak is full of such kind of funny incidents. Later on she plans to be a candidate for the election and wants to win the same. Watch Maniben Nu Mahabharata to go into a laughter ride.


Cast: Pratima T, Jitu Kotak, Sanjeeta, Priti Makwana, Rahul Patel, Urvish Patel, Bimal Magaliya

Director: Bimal Mangaliya

Writer: Bimal Mangaliya

Mani Ben Nu Mahabharat Gujarati Natak

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