Lekh Lakhe Vidhata Gujarati Movie

Lekh Lakhe Vidhata Gujarati Movie

Overview: The movie is based on the story of two very close friends named Girdharbhai who is a farmer and of Sheth Mansukhlal. Girdharbhai has a younger brother whose name is Jiva. There’s some land dispute going on the village and Jiva is being provoked by the village chief and in his anger, Jiva kills his own elder brother Girdharbhai under the influence of the village chief.

Sheth Mansukhlal being a close friend of Girdharbhai, supports his widow Sharda and his only son Mohan. Time flies and Mohan and Mansukhlal’s daughter Madhavi gre up and they fall in love with each other. Mansukhlal always wanted her daughter to marry a rich guy and so he insults Mohan a lot as he is not happy with their relation and gets her daughter Madhavi marry a rich guy forcefully.

Mohan leaves the village and he becomes big singer and earns hefty money and becomes a rich guy. On the other side, Madhavi’s husband dies in a car accident. Madhavi is so sad and deprresed that her father cold not see her daughter in such grief and sorrow. So he thinks that he can go to Mohan as he loves her daughter and to get his daughter re-marry to Mohan. So he goes to the Mohan and request him to accept her daughter and lead a happy life. Will Sheth be able to marry her daughter to Mohan?? Will Mohan forgive sheth for insulting him?? Will he accept Madhavi as her better half?? Watch the movie to know about the climax.

Cast: Deep Shikha, Rohit Bhatiya, Payal, Vinod Kapoor, Bharat Shah, Chandrakant Pandya, Jayendra Mehta, Asha SIngh, Nayan Bhatt, Gufi Pental, Devendra Joshi, Gafur Meman, Javed Meman, Dr. Manjurbhai, Niranjan Sharma, Faiaz Sheikh, Jasu Bhai, Dayabhai Patel

Child Artist: Baby Ulka, Master Kuntal

Singers: Usha Mangeshkar, Alka Yagnik, Anuradha Paudwal, Sanjay Oza, Karsan Sagathia, Suresh Wadkar, Keshav Rathod, Mahendra Kapoor, Vinod Rathod

Music: Gaurang Vyas

Producer & Director: Dayabhai Patel

Lekh Lakhe Vidhata Gujarati Movie


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