Lagna Karta Lottery Laigi Gujarati Natak

Review: Lagna Karta Lottery Laigi is a social cum comedy gujarati Natak. The story revolves around Heena (Riddhi Dave), her husband Rahul (Rahul Antani), Rekha and his husband Dikabhai and Heena’s mama. 

Heena is married to Rahul and only after six months of her marriage she leaves his husband Rahul’s house by just a very small incident as his husband ordered pizza from some different shop and such other silly incidents. She lives the house because of her childish and immature behaviour. She starts living with her friend Rekha and Dikhabhai’s house. Rekha and her husband had been witness for thier love marriage in the court.

Heena’s mama, billionare Manu mama who lives in South Africa comes to know about Heena’s marriage. He sends a lawyer friend to Heena to deliver her marriage gift which is 500 crores. But here comes the twist as to inherit the gift, Heena has to prove that she leads a happy married life with Rahul for a year and only then she can get the gift of 500 crores. Mama can come anytime India to make sure that Heena lives with her husband happily and the problem starts as Heena doesn’t stay with her husband anymore.

One fine day, mama gives surprise to Heena by coming India and mama thinks that Dikabhai is the husband of Heena as she stays with them. And just to hide the truth and inherit 500 crores from mama they all keep playing games and tells thousand lies to hide one truth.

Will mama ever come to know about the truth? What will happen if he comes to know the truth? Heena will inherit the property or she will have to let go it because of her lies ? Watch this comedy cum social drama to know the full story.

Cast: Rajiv Mehta, Riddhi Dave, Rahul Antani, Ajay Parekh, Pinky Jain, Titiksha Pandya, Abhijeet Chitre, Kashyap Desai, Pranav Tripathi

Director: Rahul Antani

Writer: Tushar Ishwar

Lagna Karta Lottery Laigi Gujarati Natak

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