Lagan Leela Gujarati Natak

Lagan Leela Gujarati Natak
Lagan Leela Gujarati Natak

Synopsis: Widowed, since the last 30 years, Laxmi has decided to sell her flat and migrate to America to live with her niece. Radhika and Subodh have bought this flat with the help of a broker, Prithvi. The twist in the tale comes about when Laxmi meet Subodh and says that he is a replica of her deceased husband, Vishna.

Hereon, the fun begins as Laxmi starts treating Subodh like her husband. One thing leads to another and after going through unbearable torture, the wife decides to kill Laxmi with the help of the broker, Prithvi. A hilarious roller coaster ride leads to the end of this comic caper.

Cast : Santu Rajda, Meera Acharya, Chirag Pandia, Kalpana Shah, Jay Bhatt, Suresh Rajda , Arvind Vekaria

Writer : Suresh Rajda

Director : Suresh Rajda

Lagan Leela Gujarati Natak



2 thoughts on “Lagan Leela Gujarati Natak

  • November 20, 2012 at 9:21 pm

    Lagan Leela Gujarati Natak is reles a very long time but you haven’t uplod this natak .
    So, uplod this natak qiukly.


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