Kul Deepak Gujarati Natak

Review: Kul Deepak is a social cum family Gujarati Natak featuring Sejal Shah in a lead role as Sumatra Devi – Baa Saheb. She is a widower and has a son call Madhavji – Kunvarji for his mother. Manubhai is their office man. He comes and tells Baa Saheb that Madhavji has not come to office since a week and Sumatra Devi asks Kunvarji the reason behind the same.

Madhavji denies to give answer but Baa Saheb insists him a lot and asks him to get married soon. And Madhavji denies to get married and he becomes very sad and said in aggression that if you are so keen to getting me married, decorate this house to welcome the death of your one and only son Kunvarji as he is suffering from blood cancer. He has no time left and he can die anytime as per the doctors.

Both mother and son did not fear about her son’s death but there would be no one as a heir to their throne is the main thing that hurts both of them. The doctor gives the solution that the science has made a fast leap and you can have your heir as you can preserve your sperms and give birth to your grandson by surrogacy. 

They agree for the same and later on Madhavji dies suffering from cancer. A lady named Priyanka Jobanputra comes for help at the door step as her husband is not keeping well and she needs money to cure her husband. in return Sumatra Devi asks her to become a surrogate mother for her grandson. Priyanka agrees to Sumatra Devi as she wants her husband to get cure but meanwhile her husband passes away. Priyanka refuses to give child she gave birth to Sumatra Devi and the long case and hearings starts. Who will get the custody of the child? Priyanka or Sumitra Devi? Watch full natak here.

Cast: Sejal Shah, Neha Prajapati, Hitesh Sampat, Mayur Bhavsar, Shekhar Joshi, Harish Panchal, Mahesh Udeshi

Guest Appearance: Rahul Antani, Parth Desai

Director: Rahul Antani

Writer: Imtiaz Patel

Kul Deepak Gujarati Natak

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  • September 16, 2019 at 6:40 am

    The Bataks are very good thanks


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