Kismat Connection Gujarati Natak

Kismat Connection Gujarati Natak
Kismat Connection Gujarati Natak

Synopsis: This is a story revolving around a happily married couple, Avinash and Aditi Desai and Aditi’s foster father Kamdar. It is Aditi’s birthday and everyone is in a celebratory and happy mood when suddenly there is an accident and Aditi succumbs to an electric shock and goes into a coma. Aditi has become a paraplegic. No one can reverse her condition except for one person. Dr. Janak Shroff’s research project has only been experimented on monkeys thus far and he is in search of a human on whom he can conduct his experiment. But alas he finds no one until his childhood friend Kamdar approaches him for Aditi and pleads him to accept her case. Dr. Shroff agrees to take on the case only if Aditi’s husband Avinash gives him the due permission.

Avinash is ready to take the risk. The experiment is successful and Aditi gets a new life. She comes home after six months. Everyone is excited and anxious at the same time. Aditi recognizes everybody and there is celebration and music. And suddenly… Aditi screams… she cannot bear the music, she has become paranoid, she feels and believes that someone is trying to kill her… Who is this someone? Is it true? Is someone really trying to murder Aditi? Or are these mere hallucinations? Aditi sees places she has never seen before, she recalls names she has never heard before, she meets people whom she has never met in her life. She has become completely neurotic. And Avinash is distressed and baffled. He blames himself for his wife’s condition. Who is responsible for this? What has Dr. Shroff done with Aditi?

Cast: Homi Wadia, Ami Trivedi, Nimesh Diliprai, Bharat Shroff, Rahul Antani, Krunal Alve, Kalpit Kalavadia

Director: Homi Wadia

Kismat Connection Gujarati Natak


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