Khamma Mari Benadi Gujarati Movie

Khamma Mari Benadi Gujarati Movie

Starring: Ranjeet Raj, Upasna Sing, Sarla Yevlekar, Firoz Irani, Devyani Thakker, Harish Hingu, K.K.Pandya, Purnima, Jayshree Chawhan, Rajesh Dalal

Directed by: S.J.Rajdev

Produced by: Rajesh Dalal, Dharmesh Dalal

Written by: Keshav Rathod

Synopsis: Rajal and Sejal are two sisters. After the death of father elder sister Sejal becomes the mother of younger sister Rajal and gives all love, care and affection of both father and mother. Sejal works at the palace of Prince Rajsang in the same village and Sejal looks after the house chores.

During work Sejal falls in love with Rajsang and coincidences happen in a manner which gives illusion to her that even he is in love with her. In reality Rajsang and Sejal are in deep love and both sisters are unaware about each other’s love partners.
Elder sister feels that she should get her beloved younger sister married and fulfill the promise given to the parents. Only after that she can think about her own marriage. On the other hand the younger sister feels that only after the elder sister gets married that the younger one gets the right to marry.
And… one day Sejal comes to know about the love of her sister towards Rajsang. This creates storm in her mind. On one side is the happiness of her sister and the promise that she had given to her parents and on the other side is her own love. At last she decides to sacrifice her own wish — her own love for the sake of her much fondled sister.
On the other side, even Rajal comes to know about her elder sister’s attraction towards Rajsang. After much churning of her heart she also decides to sacrifice her love for the sake of happiness of her elder sister who had always sacrificed in her life.
With this comes the sequence of events of competition of sacrifices for each other. Rajal swears on her own love and compels Rajsang to get married with Sejal. But Sejal leaves the house so that her younger sister can happily get married to the person of her choice.
The third angle of the triangle comes when mother of Rajsang fixes his marriage with the third person. Rajsang opposes this but feels helpless in front of obstinate mother.
So, whose love wins in the end?
Who actually sacrificed?
Could two love birds get united?
To get the answer one must come and see the movie depicting love, affection and sacrifice of two sisters. Watch Khamma Mari Benadi Gujarati Movie

Khamma Mari Benadi Gujarati Movie

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