Kato Vagyo Kadje Gujarati Movie

Kato Vagyo Kadje Gujarati Movie

Cast: Naresh Kanodia, Roma Manek , Ramesh Mehta, Jamini Trivedi, Jayandra Mehta

Directed by: Govind Sakariya

Produced by: Keshav Patel

Written by: Jaswant Gangani

Synopsis: A village called Rampur live Narshi and Dhanraj Patel.Dhanraj has one son,Suraj and a daughter.
Narshi Patel only has a daughter.Due to a ntural calamity Narshi’s house breaks down along with Narshi’s wife dies,leaving her daughter,Kiran alone at the young age of 2.Dhanraj and his wife Laxmi try convincing Narshi into getting married again,but Narshi refuses to do so.Kiran and Suraj’s marriage were dcided during their childhood only.Somehow Kiran convinces her father to get married.Kiran’s new mother,Kadvi disturbs and troubles the entire house of Narshi and torments both father an daughter.Dhanraj and Laxmi pity Narshi’s state and condition and feel very sad for it.She becomes an obstacle to Suraj and Kiran’s marriage.Kadvi wants to get Kiran married to her brother-in-law’s elder brother’s son.One the first night of Kadvi’s wedding,Narshi gets n heart attack and gets paralsyed.
Will Kadvi let Suraj-Kiran get married…??
Why will Surj want to seperate..??
Will joru and Kiran get married…??
Will Suraj let his future wife Kiran marry someone else…??
Will Narshi and Dhanraj’s relations get spoiled..??

Kato Vagyo Kadje Gujarati Movie


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