Karodpati Fokatlal Gujarati Play

Karodpati Fokatlal Gujarati Play
Karodpati Fokatlal Gujarati Play


Money is fickle,with a mind of its own
With no one has it stayed forever,it is well known
So although I am rich,I lead a simple life

Whatever I have,I have scrounged and saved,
To bide me over in times of strife
I have chosen my friends and earned my enemies
I have no grievances and therefore no remedies

Cast: Tiku Talsania, Maina Roy, Ali Raza Namdar, Mehul Booch, Dimple Shah, Hiten Mehta, Ghan Shyam Naik

Directed: Kishen Sethi

Produced: Prem Krishen Malhotra & Sunil Mehta

Written: Abid Surti Sahil Surti

Karodpati Fokatlal – Gujarati Play

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