Kaatil Gujarati Natak

Review: Kaatil is a suspense cum thriller Gujarati Natak. Aruna has been paralysed for last 3 years and she was not even able to get out of her bed. Jamuna – a maid who has been staying with Aruna since she was a kid, Aruna has grown her up as a little sister. Aruna’s husband and her care taker nurse falls in love with each other. 

They dream of Aruna dying soon so that they can spent life together. Aruna was a very rich person and his husband was going to inherit all her property and money.  Aruna dies and everyone is sad. It is believed by everyone that Aruna had a natural death. But the police investigator comes saying that postmortem report says something different.

Her husband and the care taker starts suspecting each other and has big argument about the same. They keep giving clue to each other to prove one guilty.

Who is the real murderer of Aruna? What was the motive of the person to kill her? Was it her husband or a care taker or Jamuna? Watch this interesting thriller natak.


Cast: Ami Trivedi, Sharad Sharma, Mehul Buch, Vipul Vithlani, Charul Bhavsar

Director: Vipul Vithlani

Writer: Harin Mehta

Kaatil Gujarati Natak

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