Jode Rahejo Raj Gujarati Natak

Review: Jode Rahejo Raj is a Gujarati Natak which revolves around the newly wed couple Jagesh Morabiya and Riddhi. The natak starts with scene of couple moving to their new house just after 22 days of their marriage and how nicely Jagesh welcomes his lovely wife. The natak is also packed with comedy by a near by grocery shop keeper.

Although they have a arrange marriage but both loves each other and Riddhi is deeply in love with Jagesh. Riddhi’s old collage mate comes to live as their next door neighbour and he says how close friends they used to be in college and they used to spend almost all evenings together for college activities.

Jagesh starts suspecting Riddhi and finally he hires a professional person to keep an eye on both of them. Riddhi and Munjal are very good friend and there is nothing more between them. But due to his suspicious nature and couple of misunderstandings Jagesh asks Riddhi to leave his house and sends her back to her parents.

Riddhi is very disappointed by his such behaviour. Riddhi’s parents want her to marry someone else. Munjal meets her again and he is going to propose Riddhi for the marriage.

What’s in luck for Riddhi – will she marry Munjal or will Jagesh realise his mistake and ask for forgiveness?? Don’t forget to watch this drama. Amazing acting done by Riddhi Dave

Cast: Riddhi Dave, Rahul Antani, Sanjivani, Vikram, Hitesh Parikh, Devang Bhatt, N.N.Shah, Nilesh Patel, Arvind Vekaria

Director: Rahul Antani

Writer: Imtiaz Patel

Jode Rahejo Raj Gujarati Natak

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