Jo Baka Paranvu Toh Padej Gujarati Natak

Review: Jo Baka Paranvu Toh Padej is a comedy cum family rated gujarati natak. This drama is about a young and an eligible bachelor willing  to marry – Parth who has lost his mother 19 years back and lives with his father and grandfather. Parth is very desperate to marry. But there is no female member in the house and this turns to lots of rejections by many girls to marry Parth.

Parth is very disappointed that no one is willing to marry him for the reason that there is no women in the house. Here comes the new neighbor young girl Piyu and her mother. On the other side Piyu is too desperate for the marriage and thus, they fall for each other. Parth gets very disappointment when he comes to know that his father wants to marry Piyu’s mother. The twist turns more tragic when Parth’s grandfather decides to get married with Piyu’s grandmother Rupa from Bhavnagar who was ex girlfriend of the grandfather.

The three Baka’s and their respective Baki’s want to marry each other but once one couple can get married no one else can marry each other because if grandfather gets married then the son can’t marry as his girlfriend will be her sister in relation. All makes conspiracy to get married. But no one gets succeed in their plan as by some or the other reason they come to know about the what lies they have told to other so that the respective couple can get married. Now the question is who will get married? Will grandfather be successful to marry his ex-girlfriend Rupa? Or Parth’s father will marry Piyu’s mother? Or desperate to marry Parth and Piyu’s dream will come true? Watch the drama this super duper hilarious drama to know who will get marry at the end.

Cast: Muni Jha, Rajendra Butala, Sheetal Ashnani, Dipti Talsania, Shreyansh Kapasi, Bhakti Ganatra

Director: Iqbal Munshi

Writer: Iqbal Munshi

Jo Baka Paranvu Toh Padej Gujarati Natak

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