Jo Baka Honeymoon Par Toh Javuj Pade Gujarati Natak

Review: Jo Baka Honeymoon Par Toh Javuj Pade is a comedy cum social Gujarati Natak. Baka and Leela were married in their childhood only and they never met each other because after that Baka and his family moved to Mumbai and Leela stayed back with her parents in Mehsana. At 37 years, Baka goes to Mehsana after listening to his office friend

Dhirubhai and brings his wife Leela in his life.

Baka has always dreamt of a beautiful, fashionable wife but whens he sees Leela at their first night he is very disappointed and his all dreams have shattered as he finds Leela very plain and uncultured. Baka wants to get rid of his wife by sending her back to Mehsana . Thus, he makes a plan by involving his office colleagues which fails drastically.

Baka falls in love with his new hot boss named Payal. Baka is shocked to see this side of his wife, Leela. Paypal also loves insipte of knowing the truth of Baka’s marriage. Baka and Payal makes a plan of going for a trip. So Baka and his friends gain make a plan of sending Leela alone for their honeymoon. Something happens by which Baka and his friends are stunned and shocked to see what Leela has done to him.

What happens that makes Baka shocked. A social and funny gujarati natak revolves around Leela, Baka, Payal and Dhirubhai. Leela and Baka were married in their childhood and when they see each other Baka is not happy with Leela and he wants to get rid of his wife. Will he get success in this?? Watch full natak to know about the funny twist in the natak.

Cast: Manish Mehta, Payal Thakkar, Bijal Mehta, Pravin Bandar, Payal Patel, Rajendra Butala

Director: Iqbal Munshi

Writer: Iqbal Munshi

Jo Baka Honeymoon Par Toh Javuj Pade Gujarati Natak

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