Jadbesalak Gujarati Natak


The title of the play literally means a crime committed without leaving a single trace. It is the story of Doctor Mayuri Ganatra who not only practices psychiatry but also is a famous novelist of the thriller genre. Her most famous novel is called Jadbesalak. Her husband super rich Abhijeet Ganatra is also a psychiatrist but unfortunately suffers from various ailments.

When Abhijeet is missing from his home Inspector Sanjay Varma suspects Dr Mayuri of killing her husband for his fortune. But shockingly Abhjeet Ganatra appears the very next day. Around that time their neighbour Manohar Bhatia is brutally killed. Another dead body of a woman is found who is brutally murdered. Who could have possibly killed them. Inspector Sanjeev Varma finds a striking resemblance between the novel and real life incidents and vows to unravel this mystery in seventy two hours.

Cast: Nitin Trivedi, Pratim Parekh, Dilip Somaiya

Director: Dilip Somaiya

Producer: Dilip Somaiya

Genre: Thriller

Jadbesalak Gujarati Natak

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