Hukkam No Ekko Gujarati Natak

Review: Hukkam No Ekko is a social cum suspense Gujarati Natak. The story is about the family of a well-known lawyer Hitarth Metha, his wife, his son Chitra and daughter Sonal.  The natak starts with the friendly brother-sister conversation between Sonal and Chitra sitting in their drawing room. And later on a husband wife fight.

His wife and children goes to Lonawala for a picnic and Hitarth calls his secretary home and a wanted criminal named Raju Odedra captures their cosy pictures and blackmail Hirtarth as if he doesn’t save him he will release his pics in media. Raj is charged with keeping illegal weapons at his home.

Hitrath does not care about it a bit so Raju comes at his place and starts living with his family at his home against him. Hitarth’s family is going through some crisis and Raju helps his family to overcome the family. So the family members are very happy with Raju.

Why is Raju doing such things? Is he really involved in illegal activities ? Will Hitarth save this criminal?? Watch the natak until end to know the story.

Cast: Anurag Prapan, Kalyani Thaker, Khushboo, Bhavika Sanghvi, Achilesh Pandya, Krishna Shukla, Nilesh Patel, N.N.Shah, Devang Bhatt, Asit Shah, Dilip Darbar

Director: Anurag Prapan

Writer: Imtiaz Patel

Hukkam No Ekko Gujarati Natak

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