Happy Family Pvt Ltd Gujarati Movie

Review: Happy Family Pvt Ltd is a family cum comedy Gujarati Movie. This world has witnessed many famous families. Staring with the mythological families of Ramayan and Mahabharata; And in recent times, the Kapoors,  Ambanis, Bachchans, and many more…

Today we are going to meet Mehta Family. They live in a bunglow, own a fleet of cars.. properties..a hefty bank balance. and of course, there is the quintessential Indian Mother, in the family.

Uttam Mehta (Rajeev Mehta) is the first member and the hero of our film. He is a famous businessman.. but his problem is that he fires more than he hires!!

Kimi Mehta is the mother of the film. 25 years ago, she was 18 years old.. And today, she is STILL 18 years old. Kimi Mehta, ” Girls and Girls, we have lot many problems in life, like greying hair, dark circles, wrinkles, weight loss, blood pressure and many more.. But there is only one solution to all these problems,..Everyone repeat after me “I am 18 years old .. I am 18 years old!!” Come on girls you can do it.”

What happens when a rich, dysfunctional family, that is very much caught up in their Mumbai lifestyle, is forced to go live the village-life? That’s exactly what happens when Uttam Mehta is almost shot at gunpoint. Fearing that their lives are in danger, the Mehta family is off to hide out at in a location that can’t even be located on Google Maps – called Antillapur. Just then, things get even weirder. Little does Uttam and the family know, that this village is unlike any other village…it functions off a Barter System!

Cast: Rajeev Mehta, Sonia Shah, Karan Ashar, Samvedna Suwalka, Vrajesh Hirjee, Avnish Mehra

Special Appearance: Mehul Buch, Shekhar Shukla

Director: Raghuvir Joshi

Happy Family Pvt Ltd Gujarati Movie

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