Haiya Ni Hera Pheri Gujarati Natak

Review: Haiya Ni Hera Pheri Gujarati Natak proves that proverb true, ” Relationship never dies a natural death, it is killed by an ego and an attitude”. The story starts with two brothers and their families who lives together happily in a same house where the elder brother has always fulfil the needs and demands of the younger brother. Their parents have died when they were very young and the elder brother has taken care of younger ones like his own son.

The elder brother and his wife are childless and the younger brother has a beautiful cute daughter. The elder ones takes care of the daughter as if its their own daughter and fulfils all her demands before she asks for. As no two fingers are same in that way both lots of misunderstanding starts to arise between two brothers and something happens and they can’t tolerate and stand each other and the younger one leaves the house with his wife and a daughter.

The younger brother leaves the country with his family and comes back to India after quite a few years. Their daughter is now grown up in a beautiful girl. Both brothers wives and their daughter makes a plan to cut this misunderstanding and to grow soft corners for each other so in that way the brothers can unite but their all effort goes in vain. Will the two brothers ever unite or there will always be a wall of misunderstanding between them?  A very well presented emotional cum family cum social drama is worth a watch and God knows if you are sailing in the same boat and you make a decision to resolve your problems and misunderstanding before it gets too late. Watch it and enjoy the ride of emotions and comedy.

Cast: Sejal Shah, Muni Jha, Titiksha Pandya, Pari Gala, Shekhar Joshi, Rupesh, Dilip Darbar, Sharad Sharma

Director: Muni Jha

Writer: Imtiaz Patel

Haiya Ni Hera Pheri Gujarati Natak

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