The Good Road Gujarati Movie

The Good Road Gujarati Movie
The Good Road Gujarati Movie

Synopsis: The film deals with three story lines which cross each other on the film’s titular highway. Pappu is a truck driver. Supporting his parents and extended family is beyond his means. Now, he has been presented a plan. An accident will be staged. Pappu will “die”. Insurance payments are substantial.
David and Kiran, a middle class urban couple, with their son Aditya, are on a holiday. Aditya will be accidentally separated from them during a brief halt at a Dhaba. And his loss will only be discovered several hours, and several hundred kilometers later.

They must double back to find him. Poonam is an 11-year old child from the city. She is looking for her grandmother, living in a town at the end of this highway.  Tired and hungry, Poonam wisely stops at the Topaz, what seems to be a small garment dying unit. Aditya will be found by a local dhaba owner, and put onto Pappu’s truck. Has Aditya found a new and unlikely home on this truck? Later, when it is too late, Poonam will discover that the Topaz is not  quite the place for her. She will be confronted, forcefully, with the very same choices she is running  away from. Which way will this young girl turn? And Pappu, looking for answers to balance his need with  those of this little boy, will find a new strength and conviction within.

Cast: Shamji Dhana Kerasia, Ajay Gehi, Keval Katrodia, Sonali Kulkarni, Poonam Kesar Singh, Priyank Upadhyay

Director: Gyan Correa

Writter: Gyan Arora

The Good Road Gujarati Movie

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