Gharma Sali Roj Diwali Gujarati Natak

Gharma Sali Roj Diwali Gujarati Natak
Gharma Sali Roj Diwali Gujarati Natak

Synopsis: This is a adult comedy natak. The story is about a couple who stays in a flat. The play revolves around Nikhilesh and his wife. Nikhilesh keeps wooing and dreaming about other girls. The wife is very suspicious and because of some fight, she leaves her husband’s place and goes to her mother’s place.

Meanwhile, her sister comes at her place, saying that she is pregnant for 3 months and the boy has left her and she fears that her mother will kill her, if she will know this. Nilkhilesh tires to woo her by giving her sympathy in absence of his wife Chitra.

Watch the drama to know more about the twist in this adult comedy drama.

Cast: Kaushal Shah, Kalyani Thakkar, Sujata Purohit, Kausha Munshi,  Hitesh Sampat, Hari, Amit Soni, N. N. Shah, Harish Panchal

Producer: Jaydeep Shah

Co-Producer: Kamlesh Bhupatani (Chaku)

Director: Kaushal Shah

Writter: Rajendra Shukla

Gharma Sali Roj Diwali Gujarati Natak

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