Garv Thi Kyo Ame Gujarati Chhiye Gujarati Natak

Garv Thi Kyo Ame Gujarati Chhiye Gujarati Natak
Garv Thi Kyo Ame Gujarati Chhiye Gujarati Natak

Synopsis: Garv Thi Kaho Ame Gujarati Chhiye is a story of a woman named Mrudula Jariwala and her struggle to save her mother tongue Gujarati, and to prove her point to people that if they will not educate your children in their mother tongue, we will lose our culture, our indentity, and our values.

But this mission of Mrudula’s triggers of with long chain of happenings. Before she became Gujarati missionary, she was a very normal life whose husband Madhukar Jariwala was a readymade garment retailer, her only son Bakul was a small time orchestra singer. Bakul is married to a Punjabi girl Harjeet and sas bahu always quarrerl on Gujarati Punjabi culture, on other front society’s South Indian Secretary wasnts to buy jariwala flat and that’s why he always find excuses to threaten Gujju family but Mrudula is not ready to bow down and she sees silver lining of hope in her job as she is vise principal of Gujarati medium school and very soon she has a chance to get promotion as a principal, but once fine day two blows come together. As Mrudula gets news that her school’s trusty Khimji Nagda want so shut down Gujarati medium school and he has plan to convert it in international school and private medical college and instead of promoting Mrudula he wants her resignation and same day Mr. Jariwala got arrested by Police for removing Bhelpurivala who blocks his shop’s way to run his bhelputi business on foot path, obiviously Madhukar opposed him and enters in to confrontation with fariwala union.

Union leader Harisingh is local MLA and to make him happy police files a reverse case on Madhukar Jariwala. After bribing twenty five thousand ruppes Bakul manages to bail out his father from lock up, now frustrated Madhukar Jariwala decides to sell his shop and flat and wants to shift in Gujarat area like Kandivali, Borivali and he announces that he is ashamed of being Gujarati since everybody robes Gujju only, and they do not have any say in this city. At that time Mrudula outburst and starts speaking like split personality and she declares that she is goddess Gurjary who challenges Madhukar Jariwala to fight against injustice like great Gujarati Gandhiji and Sardar Patel and save Gujarati language and Gujarati’s pride. Madhukar except the challenges and how jariwala family’s revolt become revolution and what obstacles they have to face how they got victory is all about the play.

Cast : Darshan Jariwala, Smriti Irani

Writer : Imtiaz Patel

Director : Imtiaz Patel

Garv Thi Kyo Ame Gujarati Chhiye Gujarati Natak


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