Gandhi Tari Beek Chhe Baaki Badhu Thik Chhe Gujarati Natak

Review: Gandhi Tari Beek Chhe Baaki Badhu Thik Chhe is a social cum comedy Gujarati Natak. This natak beautifully illustrates that how corrupt and wrong our political system is. The story is about the family of Mahendra Gandhi (Vipul Vithlani) fighting to get justice against the Government.

The story clearly states that what problems a common man has to face to get justice from our corrupt political system. There son Ashish has been a bomb blast victim and the family is seeking justice for the same from the Government. They challenge it in a very funny and hilarious way.

The family earn money and lead their life by collecting money by tricking people and they think that what they are doing is right. They do not have nay kind of fear or guilt for the act they are doing as they are not getting justice. The saree worn by Mahendra’s wife is sponsored by COKE and his father goes to the garden every morning to advertise COLGATE toothpaste and he always keeps brushing his teeth with the same toothpaste. They survive by the sponsorship of different companies for all their day to day activities and for their all needs of life.

The paying guest arrives in the family and he is completely blown away by the way the family is surviving. He can’t buy his food or tea from outside but he has to pay for everything and buy from them only. Even for sitting on the sofa or for using a fan he has to pay.

The family is doing this to get the justice but later on they gets attention and coverage of the media which might help them to get justice for their son Ashish who was a victim of bomb blast.

Cast : Vipul Vithlani, Nilesh Joshi, Kinjal Bhatt, Jitendra Sumra, Khushbu Bramhbhatt, Pratik Jadav, Jaimin dave, Jatan Bhatt, Kamlesh Oza

Director : Vipul Vithlani

Writer : Vinod Sarvaiya

Gandhi Tari Beek Chhe Baki Badhu Thik Chhe Gujarati Natak

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