Family Nu Fruit Salad Gujarati Natak

Review: Family Nu Fruit Salad is a family cum comedy gujarati natak. The story if about the family of Ravi Kumar Jani, his wife Veena, his son and a daughter Ravina. The story is about the family’s unstopping demands  and how Ravi Kumar is being pressured by the family to fulfil all their demands.

Ravi Kumar is earning decent salary of Rs 70,000/- per month but the family is not happy. The family members keep demanding big things and if Ravi doesn’t fulfil that they keep torturing him every now and then and keep comparing with other people all the time.

His son already has Wagon R car but he is ashamed of taking it to the college and wants new Honda City after seeing his friend getting a new car, his wife wants new fridge and a new laptop and his daughter wants to become doctor and wants his father to pay 10-15 lakhs as a donation and when he denies for all this the whole family boycotts him and start creating problems for him.

The family members keep taunting him and say that he is such a heartless person that he cannot fulfil any demands and needs of the family. Ravi gets a call from Chota Chakli Don who asks him to pay 1 khokha (1 crore) as a tax as his family live lavishly. And if he fails to do so Chota Chakli will kill him. The family members still don’t understand and they take this as a pride.

Will the family ever understand Ravi’s plight and stop demanding. Will they ever stop comparing him with others? This is such a story which every middle class family can relate with. A must watch natak for everyone and a nice lesson to learn as well.

Cast: Rajiv Mehta, Manisha Purohit, Ajay Parekh, Parth Desai, Kkshitisha Soni, Shekhar Joshi, Devang Bhatt, Sharad Sharma

Director: Kaushal Shah

Writer: Imtiaz Patel

Family Nu Fruit Salad Gujarati Natak

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