Family Bemily Bum Bum Gujarati Natak

Family Bemily Bum Bum Gujarati Natak
Family Bemily Bum Bum Gujarati Natak

Synopsis: The Raghuvanshi group of companies is owned by Jamnadas Raghuvanshi and his wife, Nirmala. The business is managed by the wife though as the family doctor has strictly advised Mr Jamnadas against taking any stress. Jamnadas and Nirmala have two sons – the elder one is called Aakash, and the younger one, Rakesh. Aakash is married to Kamini and it has been ten years since their marriage. They do not have any children.

They both yearn to adopt a child, but Nirmala is strictly against the idea. She is of the firm belief and faith that Aakash will definitely have a child of his own. And in case he doesn’t, then they will get the younger brother Rakesh married. Rakesh’s marriage will bear him a child who will automatically be the heir to the Raghuvanshi Empire and will also carry the family lineage forward.

But, Rakesh is strictly against marriage as he is influenced by his maternal uncle Majnu, and wants to live a bachelor’s life like his uncle. But things change for Rakesh when Kiran enters the Raghuvanshi household. She creates a furore by claiming that Rakesh is the father of her nine-year old daughter, Rachna. She even offers evidence to support her claim. Rakesh is firm and is not ready to accept Rachna as his daughter, but slowly and steadily, Rachna manages to get the other family members on her side.

What is the mystery behind this unusual development? Amusing twists and turns add to the fun of this family entertainer.

Cast : Kalyani Thakar, Samir Khakkar, Dimple Shah, Yogesh Upadhyay, Vallabh Gada, Dilip Somaiya, Prarthi, Vinod Kale, Hitakshi Vasa

Writer : Jitu Mehta

Director : Manoj Shah

Family Bemily Bum Bum Gujarati Natak


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