Ek Bija Ne Nadta Rahiye Gujarati Natak

Ek Bija Ne Nadta Rahiye Gujarati Natak
Ek Bija Ne Nadta Rahiye Gujarati Natak

Synopsis: The marriage of Mukesh Antani – a bachelor for long, and Menaka Rajani – a widow, is one that they both enter into tentatively. Both are in need of companionship, and while they wonder what society will say, they decide that love makes their world go around and they will face whatever consequences they have to. However into the newly wedded bliss of Mukesh and Menaka, enter two spanners in the wheel – Mukesh’s mother, Kokila and Menaka’s daughter, Riddhi.

While Kokila has always been after Mukesh to get married, she doesn’t know how to deal with a grown up grandchild, and Riddhi, who has spent her entire life in hostel, can’t get her head around a rather brash and traditional grandmother. Suddenly, the blissful day at the beach that Mukesh and Menaka imagined their life after marriage to be has been marred by the cacophony of “family”. Will Mukesh and Menaka succeed turning their two families into one?

Cast : Feroz Bhagat, Apara Mehta, Tapan Bhatt, Pritesh Sodha, Khushali Jariwala, Vaishali Trivedi, Dharmesh Vyas, Pankaj Trivedi

Writer : Pankaj Trivedi

Director : Feroz Bhagat

Ek Bija Ne Nadta Rahiye Gujarati Natak


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