Dodh Dhaaya Gujarati Movie

Dodh Dhaaya Gujarati Movie
Dodh Dhaaya Gujarati Movie

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Overview: This movie represents the story of an orphan boy who repeatedly fails in exam years after years and remains in the same college and this failure Guru is loved by all. The boy fails in the exams intentionally to remain in the college as he is an orphan. One of his friend takes him to the village in the college vacations where they come into conflict with one inhuman landlord. 

Shankar was fixed in a wrong case by the lanlord and he was sentenced to jail. While Guru and his friend come in opposition with the same cruel landlord, Shankar comes out of the jail and he wants to take revenge for his wrong case with the landlord. By the help of Shankar, Guru and his friends comes out of the trap of the Bhupat who is a dacoit.

By making a secret plan Guru’s friends steal away dacoit’s money and they decides to leave the village as soon as possible but Guru denies the plan as he thinks that it is not the right thing to cheat the poor villagers and play with their emotions. Now the cruel lanlord and the dacoit make a plan to kill Guru and Shankar.  You gotta watch full movie to know how Guru and Shankar save themselves and the villagers from the trap of the dacoit and the cruel landlord.

Cast: Naresh Kanodia, Kiran Kumar, Sushma Verma, Adi Irani, Firoz Irani, Daisy Irani, Nalin Dave, Vinay Shah, Devyani Thakkar, Ambalal Patel, Pritima Pandya, Krupadev Yagnik, Umakant, Vijay Chauhan

Writer: Subhash B Shah

Producer: R K Joshi

Director: Subhash B Shah

Release Year: 1983

Movie Time: 2:16:08

Dodh Dhaaya Gujarati Movie

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