Dikri No. 1 Gujarati Natak

Review:  Dikri No. 1 is a family rated gujarati natak. A very beautifully and a well presented drama based on the life of a daughter. The drama revolves around a sweet and an only daughter of Pankajbhai Vaishnavi and Mala whose name is Riddhi (Riddhi Dave). Riddhi is pursuing her graduation and she wants to pursue her post graduation in MBA. She is completely baffled when family friends MEHTA’s approach her parents with a marriage proposal.

Shreyash Mehta is Pankaj’s childhood friend. His wife Sujata is obsessed with the hindi movies and tries to speak in hindi rather than speaking in Gujarati. They have two sons. Shreyash wants his elder son Ronak to marry Riddhi. When Mehta’s propose Vaishnav’s for the marriage, Riddhi is totally lost and confused as she wants to study further and complete her MBA. She agrees to get marry to Ronak with lots of hesitant in her mind.

Shreyas, the father-in-law of Riddhi is a very business minded and orthodox. He does not want Riddhi to study further and asks to do what he wants for both his son and his daughter-in-law. Riddhi and Ronak becomes very disappointed but then they decides to support each other to make their dream come true. Ronak’s dream is to become a music-composer but his father wants him to join in his family business of saree. They both asks for a time from Shreyas and promises him to look after their family business along with pursuing their own dream side by side. Riddhi takes all responsibility of the household things along with working for their saree business. She also becomes a helping hand to achieve her husband’s dream.

Riddhi does everything to win her father-in-law’s heart from being a perfect wife, a perfect working woman and an ideal daughter-in-law. I will say, almost every girl can relate herself to the story but its a learning lesson for everyone from Riddhi that how one can deal with the unfavorable circumstances to the ball in their court with little patience and balancing their responsibilities between their household work and their personal dreams.

Being an ideal wife and daughter-in-law, ultimately she wins the heart of her father-in-law. Most of the girls can relate to this story and learn from Riddhi as to how to turn adverse situations into favorable ones by striking perfect balance between household responsibilities and personal aspirations.

Cast: Riddhi Dave, Ritesh Mobh, Chhaya Vora, Padmesh Pandit, Kirti Swali, Chintan, Vaishali, Nitin, Nilesh, Sharad Sharma, Dilip Darbar

Producer: Ketki Dave, Rasik Dave, Chetan Gandhi

Director: Rasik Dave

Writer: Dilip Rawal

Dikri No. 1 Gujarati Natak

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