Chhello Divas Gujarati Movie

Review: Chhello Divas Gujarati Movie is a must watch. On the last day of college, four friends are roaming in a car. One of them, Vicky (Malhar Thakkar) stopped car to pee and ran over by a car, and his other three friends Nikhil, Loy, and Dhula rushed him to the hospital.

In flashback, Vicky’s character is introduced. Vicky is a happy-go-lucky boy studying at H. D. College with his six friends. His best friends Nikhil is in love with a girl in their college named Pooja, Dhula is a fat boy who is always hungry and angry at people, Dev who is the simplest and most polite boy in the group, Loy who doesn’t get any girls at college, and Isha who is Pooja’s friend.

The movie then shows the friends’ college life where Nikhil, Vicky and Loy are lords of the last bench and always do silly mischief to annoy their professors. Then Nikhil’s character is introduced. Nikhil is spoilt by his rich father. Nikhil tells his friends a story about his break-up with a girl named Vandana because he ordered coffee for her at a cafe despite Vandana telling Nikhil not to. In story, he went to meet Vandana. Vandana is continuously crying at Nikhil and asking him: “Tey Coffee Kem Mangavi?” (Why did you order the coffee?). This causes Nikhil to break up with Vandana due to her crying about such little things.

chhello divas gujarati movie .Next day at college Nikhil, Vicky and Loy sing Hindi songs in a lecture to annoy their professor, and encourage all the other boys in class to sing as well. The sir pretends to be angry at the girls and sends them all outside the class, which causes the boys to laugh thinking that the girls got punished because of them. When the girls walk outside, they complain to their principal (Ghanshyam Sir) and tell them how they have been punished because of the boys of their class. The principal opens the door of the class where all the boys are running around the classrom with the lecturer chasing them with a weapon stick and saying Gujarati swear words of double meanings at them. Now it is revealed why the lecturer did a drama of sending all the girls outside. Ghanshyam Sir catches the lecturer also insulting him and saying that he is a useless and retarded principal because he hasn’t rusticated all these naughty boys from the college yet. Now the lecturer is fired by the principal.

That night it is shown how Nikhil, Vicky, Loy, and Dhula have a very hot lady tutor (Sheetal Madam) and the only reason Vicky goes to her classes is to flirt with her. Sheetal is trying to explain a formula to Dhula and slaps him gently on the head because Dhula is not understanding. This angers Dhula who then hits Sheetal Madam on the head which causes her to faint. The next day Vicky gets a message on his phone by Sheetal that she will not teach the boys from now on. The next day is exams and it shown how Vicky and Loy have not revised the unit therefore they cheat in exams by hiding the exam paper in their pockets and requesting their new sir to let them go the toilet where they write all answers by looking them up on Google.

After exams are finished Loy tells Nikhil and Vicky that his dad has caught him playing with himself and wants him to get married soon because his father thinks that Loy’s hormones have changed. Nikhil and Vicky tell Loy not to worry because Loy is so ugly and doesn’t get any girls, and therefore he will be rejected by this one as well. Then Loy explains how he knows the girl’s parents and that they are very bad looking so he assumes that girl will be very ugly as well, so he makes a plan with his friends which will get him rejected the next day. Loy takes Vicky and Nikhil to the meet the girl and her parents the next day, and tells Vicky to say a lot of bad stuff about Loy in front of the girl’s parents so he will get rejected.

But it is revealed that Nisha (the girl that Loy was going to marry) is very beautiful and complete opposite to her parents. Vicky still continues with the plan because he doesn’t want a boy like Loy to get such a pretty girl. Loy regrets taking Vicky to the meeting, as Nisha now patches up with Vicky instead of Loy. It is revealed that Nisha also studies in the same college as Nikhil, Vicky, and Loy. The next day, the 8 friends attend their drama professor’s wedding reception where it is revealed that their professor is marrying none other than Sheetal. This causes Sheetal to run away from her marriage because of embarrassment. The film ends with Nikhil proposing to Pooja, Vicky proposing to Nisha, and Dhula proposing to Isha. CHHELLO DIVAS movie then shifts back to present time where it is shown that Vicky has survived the severe accident.

Cast: Yash Soni, Malhar Thakar, Janki Bodiwala, Mitra Gadhvi, Kinjal Rajpriya, Aarjav Trivedi, Rahul Raval, Netri Trivedi, Mayur Chauhan, Prapti Ajwalia, Prashant Barot, Jeetendra Thakkar, Harsha Bhavsar, Beena Shah

DirectorKrishnadev Yagnik

Writer: Krishnadev Yagnik

Chhello Divas Gujarati Movie


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