Chaukat Rani Char Ghulam Gujarati Natak

Synopsis : Mansukh Popat robs Rs. 24 Crore worth of diamonds from a renowned jewellery showroom. His partners-in-crime are: Tansukh, his nephew; Parijat, his fiancee; and Usman, her brother. As soon as the diamonds are stashed in a safe in Mansukh’s apartment, a hilarious game of double-crossing begins.
It turns out that Usman is not really Parijat’s brother, he is her boyfriend; and together they inform the Police that Mansukh has robbed the showroom. Mansukh is soon arrested thereafter. However when Parijat and Usman crack the safe to decamp with the loot, they realize that the diamonds are missing. Mansukh, who has shifted the diamonds to another location, is trying to negotiate with the police through his lawyer that if he returns the loot, can the case against him be dropped?

Meanwhile, Parijat, with Usman’s reluctant help, tries to cozy up the lawyer to find out the new location of the diamonds. If this does not sound already too familiar, let us hope that this Gujarati adaptation at least proves as worthy as its original comic thriller film in English called ‘A fish called Wanda’.

But knowing Naushil Mehta, the writer-director who runs Vikalp, an experimental Gujarati theatre group, the adaptation may just as well turn out to be an interesting watch. After DEVNA DIDHEL, this is Naushil Mehta’s second foray into the world of commercial Gujarati theatre.

Cast : Sejal Shah, Amit Mistry, Jimit Trivedi, Manoj Shah, Dilip Rawal

Writer : Naushil Mehta

Director : Naushil Mehta

Chaukat Rani Char Ghulam Gujarati Natak

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