Carry On Lalu Gujarati Natak

Carry On Lalu Gujarati Natak
Carry On Lalu Gujarati Natak


His life was one of dreams, the dreams of making it big as a film star. Without his shadow ever having darkened the doors of the courthouse, he somehow earned the reputation of being a successful lawyer. Easy life, easy come easy go. His advice to a female burglar caught in his flat.

It is one of the Natak of Siddharth Randeria. He who was born in Mumbai, India, on December 17, 1955, is a Gujarati actor who has been described as “the top star and the legend of the Gujarati stage”. He has also worked in Hindi movies and Hindi TV shows.

Cast: Siddharth Randeria, Ami Trivedi, Rajul Diwan,Suraj Vyas

Directed By: Siddharth Randeria

Language: Gujarati

Carry On Lalu Gujarati Natak

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